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Fitting Guide

Measuring For Your Window Coverings:

Things You Will Need:

1.  Measuring Tape
2.  Note Pad
3.  Pencil


1.  Outside window frame to outside window frame

2. Top window frame to bottom of frame

3. Top of frame to bottom of rod

4. Bottom of ring to floor

5. Top of rod to floor

 Measuring The Width Of A Window For Hardware:

Allow at least 3" from each side of the window for the total rod length (6).  Adding this space gives plenty of space on either side for brackets and rings.

Measuring Width For Pleated Curtains:

-  When measuring for pleated curtains, measure the rod length between the finials (6).    
-  If using a single curtain panel, add 3" to this length
-  If using two panels, add 4" to this length

Measuring Width For Grommet And Rod Pocket Curtains:

-  Depending on the fullness you want, measure the width between the two finials (6) and multiply that dimension by 2 for double fullness.  The higher the multiplier, the more fabric you will need.


Measuring The Length Of Curtain:

The single most important factor to a great looking curtain is the length and how it meets the floor.  The goal is to have your curtains "kiss" the floor, eliminating any slack on the curtains.


Measuring Length For Grommet And Rod Pocket Curtains:

-  Rod placement should be 4"- 6" above the top window molding/opening.  For a professional look, install rod in the middle of the top of the window and the ceiling.

-  Measure from the top of the curtain rod, to the floor (5).  Deduct 1/2" for floor clearance.

Curtains Hung From Rings:

-  Measure from the bottom of the rings to the floor (4).  Deduct 1/2" for floor clearance.  
Important:  We recommend installing your curtain hardware prior to measuring your curtains when using rings.